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You can now book training sessions

Learn to get the most out of the dashboard by booking a personal 1-to-1 or group training session with a friendly member of the team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our new FAQ's page for quick answers to common questions.

Let's Go

What browsers are best for using AIVR?

What is a workspace?

Everything you need to know about workspaces.

How to get a license

Find out how to gain access to the AIVR platform.

Logging in

How to sign in to your AIVR dashboard.

Finding a location

Find specific points on the rail or locations across the country.

Viewing a session

Learn how to view a session on the dashboard.

Fullscreen & Zoom

Get the most out of detailed AIVR footage.

Route History

View previous footage from a route.

Session List

Navigate through sessions on your workspace.

Information Panel

Where you can find key information about the current session.

Quick & Advanced Sighting

Learn how to use the Sighting tool to check distances between sections of a route.


Learn how to annotate video for analysis and team discussion.


Learn how to take rail-side measurements and plan work using the measurement tool.

Creating a Snapshot

How to take snapshots of key areas and points of interest.

Exporting Video

Export and share video quickly and easily.


How to create a share link.

Marker Information

The additional information related to assets.

Video Types

Explore the different types of video available on AIVR.

Support Button

How to get in touch with us.