AIVR Workspaces are where people work on survey data together.

A private space for your team

Your AIVR workspace is a private, shared space for you and your teammates to work on survey data together. Any annotations, measurements or exports you create are visible only to other users of the same workspace.

Configurable to your needs

A workspace can be configured to display data from only a certain geographic region, as well as only particular types of data. For example, a workspace can be configured to show only forward-facing video collected during daylight hours in the South-West of England.

This should make it as easy as possible to find the data you are looking for.

Using multiple workspaces

As an AIVR user, you may have access to more than one workspace. You can change workspace at any time using the icons in the left hand menu, or by clicking 'Switch Workspace' in the user options menu.

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