Viewing a session


  • Sessions are individual recordings which in combination make up the available coverage of the rail network. When viewing footage in AIVR you will always be viewing one particular session at a time.
  • When viewing a route you can change the source to stills to view it frame by frame or to jump forward by a duration.
  • You can jump forwards and backwards in the route by one frame, one second and by one minute using the icons.
  • The bar at the bottom can also be used to scrub along the route to a desired point.
  • In addition to the default video source, there are several additional video sources available such as Low Bandwidth and Overlay. Low bandwidth will play the video at a reduced quality which can help if you are experiencing network speed issues. Overlay will display live position and bearing information directly in the video. Still Images allows you to move through the footage with fine control - stepping forwards and backwards by a single frame, second or minute of footage. This is also a great tool to use if you are struggling with bandwidth issues.

Video Tutorial