Video Types


  • AIVR uploads video data from a wide variety of portable and permanent devices.
  • The most common type is Forward Facing Video (FFV). This type of video is comparable to the view obtained from riding in the cab, and may be captured either from the front or rear of a train. Forward (and rearward) facing video is captured by portable AIVR devices such as AIVR Go and AIVR Tail-Lamp Cameras (TLC), and also by permanently installed AIVR Connect devices.
  • Other video types such as Overhead, Night time, Infrared and Thermal footage are available. If you have access, you can view thermal by toggling video type as shown in Viewing a Session video.
  • If you are interested in viewing our specialist data or would like it captured in your area, please get in touch by emailing us at Also if you think you don’t have access to some of the data listed above but would like to see it, please get in touch.

Video Tutorial