Measurement Tool


  • You can create a measurement at any time during Forward Facing Footage, just pause the video and click Measure.
  • Firstly, you will need to calibrate to create your measurement. Make sure the left point of the yellow line is on the inside of the left rail, the right point is on the inside of the right rail, and the middle point is at the vanishing point. Ensure the green line is in line with the horizon. If you are measuring on a curve then simply ignore the distant curve of the rail and calibrate onto the straight portion of the rails in the foreground of the image. Click Set Calibration to save and automatically move into measurement mode.
  • With Quick Measure, as you move your mouse you can see the distances changing as you move away from the rail and the device. You can click to change direction and measure vertically as well.
  • If you require a more complex measurement or would like to save and share your measurement, choose the Measure tool. Click to pick your starting point anywhere in the ground plane of the image. Each time you click you will create a junction point, from which you can either move Left/Right (perpendicular to the rail), Up/Down (vertically), or Forwards/Backwards (parallel to the rail). Create as many different segments to your measurement as you which and when you are happy with your measurement, click save. Name your measurement and make sure to either select private or public.

Video Tutorial